Our freedom and wellbeing depends on us being strong, pragmatic, progressive, freely evolutionary, allied to the winning side and never isolated, either in terms of relations with others or indeed in relation to the realities of the world. Every time in our long history we‘ve got isolated, both as people or country and as a culture or societal system (even if at the time seemingly strong) we were defeated and occasionally enslaved.
The European Union, is firstly and crucially an answer to geopolitical necessity, not to economic convenience. The European Union institutions must provide the level-field, into which the variant dynamics of our individual nations – all in our individual paths of transmuting ourselves from ethnic / nationals to European / nationals – together with our attached cultures, institutions, believes or ideologies, come into the necessary political equilibrium. An EU constitution and a strategy of how to bring it about is missing, as is (missing) the ‘direct contact’ of the EU, its institutions and power, with the EU citizens. The EU, even in its present state, is virtually unassailable and this constitutes the foundation of its members’ national security, even though this security is sapped by insecurity on its fringes and borders. This is an issue that must not be fudged and an issue, which may prove the required challenge, the answer to which, will achieve the reasserting of Europe’s confidence in itself and in world affairs. Our European historical and cultural memories make us pragmatic realists, when relating to the rest of the world and its cultures – a quality not always apparent in some of our allies’ policies and actions. This is why the world craves for the stabilising presence of the European Union in world affairs.
The central values of democratic humanity, together with the universal human (natural) rights, are founded on the principles of freedom, equality and fraternity. The central value for a people, prerequisitely accepting these values, is self-determination, not ‘independence’. There are many ‘independent’ nations, rubbishing the human values of their own citizens. Nothing, whether issues, nations or people, is truly or ever was ‘independent’ – in the contrary, everything and everyone is always and will forever be dependent on other and others. This is a grant principle of nature and therefore of humanity too, the rest being but nationalists’ short-sided intrigues. The global issues of environment, energy, food and water, economy and commerce, science and education, the very freedom of us all, are all dependent to those of others. Let us get-on resolving them – together.


ERGON shall strive to engage mostly younger generation Greeks (up to 35 (ish) years of age) – and keep them working in Greece – of strong scientific and professional base and solidly (strictly non-political and non-fiscal) liberal thinking, the older generations contributing their treasure of knowledge, experience, networking and direction. ERGON aims to promote among young Greeks the urge and confidence to engage and face the world head-on and unafraid, acting by themselves and not following the lead of others and/or waiting for direction hierarchically from others. To this end ERGON projects would all be applying maximum participants’ engagement methodologies.

ERGON’s immediate projects’ characteristics are that they include not just ideas, but precise, concise and fully costed proposals, programs and projects centred on:

  • Establishing, expanding and/or re-engineering Greek production (and consequently jobs) in the manufacturing, tourism, maritime, energy, communications, finance, engineering, medical, educational and CCI (Cultural and Creative Industries)
  • Building upon the co-operative instincts (and needs) of diverse, but mutually respecting, philosophies, thinkers and actors, in order to generate, facilitate and produce concepts, synergic philosophies and policies, as well as strategies, road-maps and tactics to implement them
  • Constitutional, judicial and societal re-conceptionalisation, at European and national levels
ERGON aims to solidify itself, by initiating and engaging dynamics, emanating from a small number of internal institutionally founded bodies, in continuous deliberation with the aims of ERGON. These bodies will be established, on a fast pace, over the next eight-teen months and they will include:

  • the ERGON Consultative General Assembly, composed of personalities from Greek (including the Greek diaspora) leaders in the fields of ethics, academia, culture, professions, business and public debate
  • the project specific ERGON Committees, composed, of relevant to a project, professional and business Greeks
  • the Genius Pool, composed of Greek (and non-Greek) academics and professionals, from student to post graduate and from starter-ups to accomplished professionals’ levels, who would be making themselves available for participating to ERGON projects or even proposing them, as well as advising on them and facilitating their progress. They would be paid their man-hours time and expenses by the projects’ budgets, upon them being funded
  • The Mentors’ Pool composed of mostly professional Greeks (and non-Greeks), making themselves available voluntarily for sympathetic, efficient and effective mentoring, on a project or individuals’ basis. Mentors may, on case-by-case basis, receive training, conducive to their functions. Mentoring could be involved with networking, publicity and promotion too

ERGON’s Aims & Scope

ERGON shall strive to initiate a number of life, scope and potential change projects, which would be aiming to put Greece on a development track, starting with projects affecting its economy, through the release of dynamics, re-building or building-anew, Greek industrial and exporting strength and the entrepreneurship, which fuels it.

In parallel ERGON shall strive to generate the debate, through proposals, theses and papers, facilitating Greeks (and Europeans), in the process of transmuting themselves from Greeks (and Europeans) of the past, to Greeks (and Europeans) of the present and future.


Ergon Projects impacting industry, jobs and business


Ergon Projects impacting society, democracy, people

Ergon Projects impacting the way we live


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